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Accountant Kiev. Global Deal Law offers you to get professional accounting outsourcing services for your business

One of the main advantages of our accounting outsourcing, unlike other companies, is the complex of additional legal assistance. And the work of an accountant is performed in full compliance with the requirements of the current legislation. Legal support from our company, in close cooperation with the accounting sphere, allows not to search for additional lawyers and lawyers, to introduce them in the course of cases, to additionally check their abilities and experience, and to receive full protection and support from the best specialists.

Interesting fact! Accountant Kiev.

An outsourced accountant is more profitable than a hired employee in the state.

What are the benefits of contracting outsourcing?

You get rid of payroll taxes, sick leave, accountant pay;
Our accountants have no interest in fraud, fraud, or other unpleasant actions that could be harmful.
The diversified experience of accountants allows you to get advice on all emerging issues;
You do not incur additional costs associated with the need to continually send an accountant for training or for an accountant training course, as our staff are regularly trained and attend professional qualification courses and tests.
You save a lot on the organization of the workplace of the employee and there is no need to buy expensive software and consumables for his work.

Speed & Awareness

Accountant Kiev Global Deal Law guarantees you that the professionalism of our accountants and outsourced services will pleasantly surprise you!

We also provide legal documentation services

We appeal against charges (administrative and criminal)
About Privilege Orders
Concerning compensation for material or non-pecuniary damage, which caused to the person
Statements, motions, objections, claims, clarifications and more other documents
We are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
We make statements and complaints to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, concerning the judiciary
We advise and resolve your issue

How we work

We handle legal entities, whether legal or non-residents.
We protect your rights and interests not only in Ukraine and EU and beyond.
We speak any language that is convenient to you.

How to start using our services?

The very first step is getting us a verbal or written consultation, with a detailed algorithm of actions.
In it, we explain the situation in terms of law and law .
We fix the price for our services and our obligations in contract.
After this step, you are already protected by a professional lawyer or lawyer Global Deal Law.

Our accountants successfully complete tasks such as:

  • Small Business Accounting;
  • Accounting for medium business;
  • Registration and Liquidation of FOP;
  • Registration and liquidation of enterprises;

It should also be noted that our accountants have extensive experience in services:

  • Registrations of LLCs, FOPs and legal entities of different ownership;
  • Liquidation of FOP, LLC, etc .;
  • Registration of electronic keys;
  • Maintenance of documentation 1c, m.e.doc, etc .;
  • Accounting reporting services;
  • Amendments to the constituent documents;
  • Registration of orders, etc .;
  • Payroll management;
  • Calculation and payment of tax fees;
  • Changes to registration documents;

Personal approach

We focus on each client and are personally responsible for the quality of the services provided

Fast task completion

We do not delay the solution of your questions, but as effectively as possible and in the shortest possible time we bring to the desired result.

Providing comprehensive protection

We will resolve any legal issues you may have. The cost of services is discussed in advance and we will fix it in the contract.

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