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Administrative Lawyer Kyiv

Global Deal Law lawyers and attorneys provide professional administrative assistance.

In a typical administrative case, the respondent is a party to the power, empowered, or its subdivisions.

Such a dispute is public – legal and is considered by the Administrative Court. An orderly set of evidence and documents in the case in terms of paperwork is the essence of such a case.

The private element and the public element are found in court, most often in the case of a citizen’s claim such cases are initiated.

What are the types of administrative cases?

  • When a natural or legal person wishes to appeal against a decision of a state or authorized body, the acts or individual actions of an official, the activity or omission of a government agency, they have taken.
  • Concerning the passing of a public service by a citizen, dismissal or admission to service.
  • Cases between the authorities regarding the allocation and implementation of management competencies.
  • When it comes to an administrative contract.
  • When the authority initiates an appeal to the court
  • Electoral process and referendum
  • When no public information is provided
Administrative Lawyer Kyiv

Global Deal Law lawyers will quickly resolve your issue. The state authorities should work for the citizens, not against them.

Our team knows all the nuances to get you professional help. Our lawyer will listen, hear all the points of the case and provide you with a comprehensive individual procedure for the protection of your interests.

Our team has a lot of experience in legal issues of interaction with the administrative office and not all positive results of our clients need to go to court, we know how to properly launch this mechanism in order to get the desired result in time! Contact the numbers or get a free consultation online.

Administrative cases are considered:

In administrative court; Specialized Administrative Court; Local General Court; Decisions are made at the defendant's location.

Nowadays, no one can avoid communication and interaction with the apparatus of state power. When contacting ZhEK or self-government bodies, registering with the RAGS, receiving salaries or pensions, etc., we are constantly faced with bodies that are obliged to provide quality and timely services. But for some reason this mechanism constantly fails and it is not an easy task to understand it, and even then a situation arises when a citizen can only achieve his goal through a court decision.

The risk that exists when resolving administrative cases independently is legally responsible and therefore it is advisable to consult with experienced professionals before starting to resolve the problem.

Administrative cases require the following legal assistance:

  • Defense counsel in court and law enforcement.
  • Legal advice.
  • Legal assistance.
  • When resolutions, acts, decisions of bodies with authority must be declared illegal.
  • When the acts or omissions of officials of authorities with authority must be declared unlawful.
  • Development of an algorithm for actions to protect the case.
  • Get acquainted with the case to offer event options.
  • Search and preparation of documentation, claims, statements, complaints, claims, objections and other types of administrative documentation.