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We know how to resolve your issue with debts and collectors. Just give us a call and we will provide a detailed self-defense plan for the lowest price!

Threats, blackmail, calls to work and relatives. It's time to end this!

What to do if collectors are ringing.

Step №1Stop panic and call our lawyers

You must remember that very often collectors use psychological influence on you, with the help of emotions. Do not succumb to this, say that you are busy, let them dial later. Then, immediately, get our lawyers.

Step №2Tell us the details.

As many of our lawyers face microloan issues every day, it will not be difficult for them to answer all your questions, so you can safely tell them the essence of your problem

Step №3Solution of the problem

As already indicated, due to the extensive experience working with microloans, our lawyers will provide you with a ready-made solution for self-defense for the minimum cost, or, at your request, we will provide full legal support.

Debt and collector attorney fees

from 110 $

A detailed self-defense plan for a minimum price

50 $

Our customer reviews

  • I already thought that the collectors would take everything from me. The most interesting thing is that the percentage of debt ran just unrealistic. I don’t even know where they got such amounts. It’s good that the lawyers laid out all the pop shelves for me, how can I protect myself without paying all that I have

  • The self-defense feature is something incredible. When you understand that it is not possible to pay lawyers for full legal support. But somehow you need to resolve the issue, the best thing can be to use this service, and it costs only 1000 UAH.

  • I was already on the verge of endless calls from collectors and their threats. In another attempt to find solutions, I learned about Global Deal Law attorneys who help resolve this issue. The main thing I can say is not to succumb to these threats and always, carefully listen to your lawyers. Thank you very much George not only for legal assistance, but also for psychological

  • Thanks to the lawyers for helping to get out of this microfinance situation. At one point, I did not know where to go from these debts (what did I take 1000 UAH, but they demand 9000 UAH from me). George very competently and thoroughly explained how to act in this situation, and that in fact I should return to the bank the microloan that I took, and not the amount that they require from me.

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Lawyer for MFIs, debts and collectors Kiev and lawyers of Global Deal Law are experts in the field of civil, administrative and financial law.

We can get the desired result for you in a short time and at a reasonable price.