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Legal assistance in civil matters. Civil Law Attorney Kiev.

Global Deal Law handles many cases on a monthly basis, pending before the courts of general jurisdiction such as:

Separate implementation;
Criminal implementation;
Positive implementation.

A civil case is understood as a legal dispute arising out of equal or civil relations. For example, our attorneys deal with cases like:

Housing relationships;
Land relations;
Family relationships;
Labor relations;

And all of them are subject to resolution in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, in the civil procedural legislation.

How are civil cases different from others?

The presence of at least one private party also initiates such cases by the interested party and not by the country which is the only judge in the dispute.

In matters such as consumer protection, contractual disputes, moral aid reimbursement, pecuniary assistance, inheritance disputes, property or property disputes, bank disputes and many others are the active party – the plaintiff and the passive party – the defendant.

Civil Law Attorney Kiev. So let’s get back to the implementation types.

Criminal enforcement is a simplified procedure that deals with the protection of property rights or the interests of the creditor protected by law, and is based on paperless documents or circumstances. The court issues a court order in such cases and judicial enforcement is carried out.

Separate enforcement is a non-civil lawsuit litigating cases to confirm or refute legal facts relevant to a person’s rights and interests. For example, in order for that person to exercise his or her non-property or property rights by confirming the existence of an undisputed right.

And most interesting is the lawsuit. In order to start it, in accordance with the procedural law, it is necessary to file a claim in court, which contains the plaintiff’s substantive claim to his opponent of the defendant.

Regarding the stages of the lawsuit:

The proceedings should be opened.
Pre-trial stage of the proceedings.
The trial court is considering the proceedings.
The court of first instance adjudicates.
An alternative stage where review of a court decision by higher courts is necessary.

warned means armed

The sooner you contact the law expert, the more benefits you will get when the case is completed.

Personal approach

We focus on each client and are personally responsible for the quality of the services provided

Fast task completion

We do not delay the solution of your questions, but as effectively as possible and in the shortest possible time we bring to the desired result.

Speed & Awareness

Civil Deal Lawyer Kiev Global Deal Law guarantees you that our partner attorneys and legal partners are genuine experts in protecting your legal rights relating to civil law.

We protect our clients in the courts:

In Local – district, district in cities, city and city courts;
In the Courts of Appeal – regions of Ukraine, Kyiv;
In the Courts of Cassation – the High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases;
And we also successfully defend in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Providing comprehensive protection

We will resolve any legal issues you may have. The cost of services is discussed in advance and we will fix it in the contract.

We provide professional legal services

Claim for paternity recognition
Claims arising from employment relationships

Claim for Damage
A claim for damages resulting in injury, death, damage to health
About indemnification for a crime
court action or inaction
Consumer Protection
If your property has been harmed
Claims on Affiliate Actions
Regarding contractual relations
Claims on a Person or Location Unknown
In a situation where the defendant is not in Ukraine
Notary recognizing his inscription as non-enforceable
Claims to the Department of Justice

Filing Multiple Persons

Drafting of legal documents

We appeal against charges (administrative and criminal)
About Privilege Orders
Concerning compensation for material or non-pecuniary damage, which caused to the person
Statements, motions, objections, claims, clarifications and more other documents
We are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
We make statements and complaints to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, concerning the judiciary
We advise and resolve your issue

How we work

We handle legal entities, whether legal or non-residents.
We protect your rights and interests not only in Ukraine and EU and beyond.
We speak any language that is convenient to you.

How to start using our services?

The very first step is getting us a verbal or written consultation, with a detailed algorithm of actions.
In it, we explain the situation in terms of law and law .
We fix the price for our services and our obligations in contract.
After this step, you are already protected by a professional lawyer or lawyer Global Deal Law.

We provide professional legal assistance!

You can also use the free advice of an experienced lawyer online. Or just call us at any number.
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