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Crime lawyer Kiev. Legal assistance in criminal. affairs

Global Deal Law deals with dozens of criminal cases on a monthly basis. In cases where you are a witness, a victim or a suspect, and even more so when you are accused, you will not be able to do without the professional legal support of our lawyers.

The Constitution of Ukraine makes it clear that everyone has the right to legal assistance. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to monitor and investigate compliance with your rights and requirements at all stages of the investigation or when your court case has been heard.

When you are charged with no guilt.

The “presumption of innocence” is valid in our country, which means that you are innocent from the point of view of the law, until such time as the court has pronounced it. And until this verdict comes into force. Unfortunately, in our time, public authorities do not always operate within the legal field.

You are faced with a situation where you are being tried to be charged with a crime. It risks imprisonment or a fine or varying degrees of severity. Why is this unjustifiable unreasonable punishment for you when an experienced lawyer can achieve a positive result in your case. Crime lawyer Kiev.

Legislation has a great low capacity to reduce the burden or to justify it. The cases end at various stages, such as reconciliation with the victim, changing the qualification of the crime to lesser severity, or by reaching a soft sentence or changing the result as opposed to imprisonment.

Not the one to blame, but the one who was recorded in the court decision. Crime lawyer Kiev.

Global Deal Law guarantees you that our lawyer will start working on your case as soon as possible. The sooner we receive an appeal, the more negative points and factors will be removed during the investigation. The positive decision of the case is influenced by who exactly protects your interests and what tasks are set.

Our law firm offers you a full range of legal services and is able to represent you when you are accused or suspected or involved in a crime. Take our opportunity to obtain legal assistance and to ensure that you are protected from dangerous factors and undesirable prosecution situations.

We provide professional legal services

Legal Aid to Witnesses
Legal assistance for victims
Legal assistance for suspects
Legal assistance to defendants
Legal Aid to Victims of Crime
Finding Facts and Trivia in Investigation
Legal Assistance During Questioning
Protection against false or baseless accusations
Competent legal support in criminal matters

Drafting of legal documents

We appeal against charges (administrative and criminal)
About Privilege Orders
Concerning compensation for material or non-pecuniary damage, which caused to the person
Statements, motions, objections, claims, clarifications and more other documents
We are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
We make statements and complaints to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, concerning the judiciary
We advise and resolve your issue

How we work

We handle legal entities, whether legal or non-residents.
We protect your rights and interests not only in Ukraine and EU and beyond.
We speak any language that is convenient to you.

How to start using our services?

The very first step is getting us a verbal or written consultation, with a detailed algorithm of actions.
In it, we explain the situation in terms of law and law .
We fix the price for our services and our obligations in contract.
After this step, you are already protected by a professional lawyer or lawyer Global Deal Law.

Call me back

We will help find a way out of even the most difficult situation.
Finding yourself in an unpredictable criminal situation - don't hesitate to reach out to professionals!

Fast task completion

We do not delay the solution of your questions, but as effectively as possible and in the shortest possible time we bring to the desired result.

Personal approach

We focus on each client and are personally responsible for the quality of the services provided

Providing comprehensive protection

We will resolve any legal issues you may have. The cost of services is discussed in advance and we will fix it in the contract.

When a criminal situation arises, anyone can get lost. This happens because in ordinary life, first of all, few people know the nuances of the Constitution and the Criminal Code. Therefore, it is advisable to have a conversation and enter into an agreement with a lawyer in the first stages, before entering an offense in the Unified Register, and in subsequent stages without a professional lawyer, it will be practically impossible for you to monitor the observance of your rights.

It is not necessary to take the time and dream that everything will be solved with minimal consequences for you. The wide range of opportunities for both public authorities and the swift action of opponents can lead to a more difficult situation.

You must act clearly and quickly! And the algorithm of successful actions will be prompted and assisted by our lawyer.

The results also depend on the small but significant trifles, which are not always recorded by the authorities, in fact it is the experience of the attorneys who understands the list of events that unfolds and helps to find those facts and draw the attention of the investigation.

A highly effective law enforcement algorithm will help you. Positive resolution of the issues in the case or obtaining the desired court decision depends on the impact on the investigation, by finding new facts and circumstances and taking them into account, which is the main job of the lawyer.

As for giving testimony to yourself, close relatives or family members, you are given the right to refuse this and this right is enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.

You are entitled to legal assistance from a lawyer even during the interrogation as a witness.

If the investigator does not give you the opportunity to turn to a lawyer for professional legal assistance, you have the right to refuse to testify.