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Legal assistance of an experienced broker in customs clearance

Customs clearance broker Kiev.

Global Deal Law is approached monthly to obtain the services needed to move goods across the border of Ukraine, namely to declare those goods.

The broker of our law firm is officially registered in the register of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and has the right to conduct brokerage activity, according to the given permission.

As it is stated in the Customs legislation of Ukraine, that the broker is an enterprise providing services and when using his services an official agreement is drawn up with clear terms and obligations of the parties.

The customs broker has agents – agents for complete and legally – correct registration of documents, and is responsible for keeping the client ‘s confidentiality and trade secrets.

We are engaged in customs clearance of goods for export and import. The broker’s business is to fill in various permits, both electronically and in paper form. He also deals with the calculation of the required duties and liaises with the authorities of our country and companies exporting goods and importations.

The law does not oblige you to enter into an agreement with a broker and you have the opportunity to enter the data and information in the declaration for customs clearance of goods. With some experience, you can also submit your documents yourself or delegate to another person and the authorities will review those documents.

It is necessary to calculate the duration of these processes as well, unfortunately the customs legislation often does not take into account time, but money is time. And you get significant benefits by contacting a Global Deal Law broker because he is constantly upgrading his skills and making the necessary documentation as soon as possible.

He has more than 11 years of experience and all the time, with constant changes and additions to the legislation, he successfully maintains documentary support for cargo. It will also assist you with advice on the correctness of the declaration.

In accordance with the requirements of the law, our customs broker is licensed to conduct his business and knows every customs requirement, which allows to significantly reduce all risks when working with documentation, errors in filling, calculating duties on goods.

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Warned means armed. Customs clearance broker Kiev.

The sooner you contact the law expert, the more benefits you will get when the case is completed.

Personal approach

We focus on each client and are personally responsible for the quality of the services provided

Providing comprehensive protection

We will resolve any legal issues you may have. The cost of services is discussed in advance and we will fix it in the contract.

Fast task completion

We do not delay the solution of your questions, but as effectively as possible and in the shortest possible time we bring to the desired result.

One of the important reasons for the constant change of legislation is the desire to increase the filling of the state budget. The owner of the goods and cargo is required to know the laws of the country of the sender and the country of the recipient and follow. Customs documentation can be involved at any stage of the movement of goods. Customs clearance becomes a pleasant and comfortable affair with our broker. Contact for contact numbers on our website and simplify the documentation of transportation.

Speed & Awareness

Global Deal Law guarantees you that our customs broker is a true expert in matters of legally correct customs clearance and other support for export and import transportation.

We provide professional brokerage services

We make customs declarations
Licensed by a customs broker
Documentary support for freight
Skilled in international shipping
Fill in all required permits
Eliminate obstacles that may occur when exporting or importing
Business Secrecy
We calculate customs value
We advise and legally resolve tax issues

We also provide other services of drafting legal documents

We appeal against charges (administrative and criminal)
About Privilege Orders
Concerning compensation for material or non-pecuniary damage, which caused to the person
Statements, motions, objections, claims, clarifications and more other documents
We are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
We make statements and complaints to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, concerning the judiciary
We advise and resolve your issue

How we work

We handle legal entities, whether legal or non-residents.
We protect your rights and interests not only in Ukraine and EU and beyond.
We speak any language that is convenient to you.

How to start using our services?

The very first step is getting us a verbal or written consultation, with a detailed algorithm of actions.
In it, we explain the situation in terms of law and law .
We fix the price for our services and our obligations in contract.
After this step, you are already protected by a professional lawyer or lawyer Global Deal Law. Customs clearance broker Kiev.