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Individual approach to your business. Step by step instructions to court and court to protect your rights.

Detailed consultation of a lawyer Kiev.

What is a "Detailed Self-Defense Instruction" and why it is advantageous to use this service:

The benefits of self-defense.

Step # 1Price

Even a simple consultation with a lawyer in your case is more expensive. We are for 50 $. we offer full instructions for solving your question.

Step # 2Detailed instructions can only be obtained after our lawyers have reviewed the case file.

A detailed self-defense instruction is a legal position in your case, with specific steps and sample documents specifically designed for you. These are the instructions that lawyers use when deciding your case. The instruction will open all possible ways of protecting your rights and freedoms in the state bodies of Ukraine.

Step # 3What is the benefit?

It is not the rules of the law that are important in protecting human rights and freedoms but their proper application. Knowing what to focus on, and what to close your eyes to – is the inevitable win.
By paying only 1000 UAH you get a very clear and clear algorithm of your further actions. Most importantly, the plan is designed specifically for your business.

Step # 4What if I want a lawyer to handle my case? I don't want to run through the authorities.

Of course, we have attorneys and lawyers who will take your case. Just give us a call and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Don't want to waste money on a lawyer? We know how to protect you for a reasonable and affordable price!

Get detailed self-defense instruction from the best Lawyers of Ukraine

50 $

Self-defense in the articles of the Constitution of Ukraine:

Article 29. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person.

No one shall be arrested or remanded in custody except by reasoned court decision and only on the grounds and in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Article 41. Everyone has the right to own, use and dispose of his property, the results of his intellectual, creative activity.

Forcible alienation of objects of private property rights can be applied only as an exception to motives of public necessity, on the basis and in the manner prescribed by law, and subject to prior and full compensation of their value. Forcible alienation of such objects, followed by full reimbursement of their value, is permitted only in the event of martial law or emergency.

Article 51. Marriage is based on the free consent of a woman and a man. Each spouse has equal rights and responsibilities in marriage and family.

Parents are required to keep their children under the age of majority. Adult children are required to take care of their disabled parents. Family, childhood, motherhood and paternity are protected by the state.

Feedback from our customers

  • I got into one very unpleasant situation, I realized that my guilt was not the case, but I wrote a statement to the police. I saw the guys on the site self-defense service and decided that here is my rescue, because I objectively understand that I do not need the assistance of a lawyer, but I also do not know what to do. I was given a very detailed plan for my actions and after a while, my issue was resolved without a problem

  • Very high quality, fast and professional. I was not shocked at the reason why such a small price is indicated by lawyers on the site, I thought how good money can be obtained for such services. It turns out you can. The guys are really professionals

  • I didn’t even know that my question could be solved so quickly. Many attorneys have said that my case will take at least a year and it will get me a penny. Just by chance, on the advice of friends, I found a service on self-defense, contacted lawyers, the same day received detailed steps and instructions on how to speed up my question and then, half a year later, the decision was in my hands.

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Detailed Self-Defense Instruction is a unique program designed to address your issue without overpaying lawyers / lawyers.

Of course, there are situations when you just need the full legal support of professionals, for this we have a huge selection of attorneys who can quickly and qualitatively resolve your legal issue!

Call us and we will help you with all your questions!

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