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Lawyer for commercial issues Kiev

Global Deal Law attorneys provide professional legal assistance in business and economic relationships.

What are the issues related to economic disputes?

Any differences that arise in the process of interaction between business entities, companies, firms, enterprises and FOPs are related to a fairly complex area of ​​law – business.

Our attorneys dealing with the protection of clients’ rights, the defense of interests, the representation in arbitration and commercial court, the support of bankruptcy, the collection of debts, the registration and request of the necessary documents and the negotiations between individuals – have practical long-term experience in the settlement of these issues of commercial activities.

Legal conflict in an economic dispute most often arises because one of the parties specified in the contract does not fulfill its duties.

The Global Deal Law is addressed to address the following economic issues:

  • When a contract or certain contractual provisions must be declared invalid.
  • When a client is required to recover material compensation in the event of damage to his property or reputation.
  • If necessary, change the existing terms of the contract or break it with a minimum door.
  • When it is necessary to change the conditions of fulfillment of obligations in kind.
  • When it is necessary to collect arrears in accordance with the terms of the contract, get accrued penalties, penalties, damages, accounts receivable.
  • When your property was illegally taken. We help return property to the owner.
  • When it is necessary to recognize property rights in relation to property.
  • When a situation arises that the owner has obstacles to the use of movable or immovable property.
  • In case of incorrect or unreasonable transfer of funds.
Lawyer for commercial issues Kiev

Global Deal Law Lawyers will assist you in resolving complex issues, document preparation processes to protect your economic interests and business.

Our business attorneys have been involved in solving thousands of issues of varying complexity. The protection we provide is always based on experience, knowledge of the nuances, the use of certain algorithms and relationships to make a complex case.

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We guarantee the quality of the services we provide:

  • Litigation counseling: online, by phone, with an office visit to you, at a meeting with us in the office, in court.
  • Legal support in the process of company activity.
  • Planning an action strategy based on a document analysis.
  • Development of claims. Pre-trial settlement.
  • Filing a lawsuit, participating in the first stages of the case and representing the court.
  • Preparation and conduct of appeal and appeal.
  • Banking and Bankruptcy Management.
  • Control of execution stage of enforcement proceedings.