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Hereditary lawyer Kiev.

Global Deal Law lawyers provide professional assistance to citizens and non-residents in resolving legal situations related to inheritance, be it a hereditary dispute, registration through our notary public and more.

Inheritance is the process of transferring the rights and responsibilities from the deceased person to the persons inherited. Sometimes in a family grief when accepting an inheritance comes a conflict situation or controversial moments in which without the help of an experienced lawyer can not do.

Although the legislation has established laws that regulate the procedure and time limits by which heirs and heirs operate to exercise their rights. Unfortunately, the laws are not 100% a guarantee that other people will not take actions that may be an obstacle to inheritance.

Legal procedures need to be timely and prudent so as not to lose the right to inherit, because of contradictions or conditions of acquiring the right to property by will.

  • We provide heritage opening services.
  • Inheritance or share design.
  • Inheritance by the right to represent or determine the queue.
  • We collect all necessary documents and carry out state registration of your turnkey property rights.
  • We provide inheritance services for business or corporate rights.
  • We calculate the share of the inheritance and make payments for it to the former heir.
  • Decrease or increase in inheritance.
  • We negotiate, renew documents and receive duplicate legal documents.
  • We fully support and provide legal assistance to ensure that you have fully legally asserted your property rights.

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Global Deal Law lawyers have a wealth of practice. We participate in the development of constantly updated legislation of Ukraine and in the training of lawyers and lawyers in the ranks of educational institutions.

In cases where it is necessary to establish the fact of residence with the heir, as one family or the level of family relations, we know almost all the necessary procedures. Hereditary lawyer Kiev.

What is your inheritance advice?

You need to understand your legal rights and responsibilities, and decide which of these tips are worth exercising. The main purpose is to provide legal documents so that you can complete this procedure without undue action. And we will explain to you the personal advantages of your case over other heirs and see the situations when (and such) it is better to abandon the inheritance.
No queues and headaches.

Our goal is to make it economically advantageous for you to conveniently and easily carry out all the necessary procedures for registration or inheritance.

How is the process carried out:

Our notary draws up an application and records it; No one but the notary has the right to draw up and conduct an inheritance; Documents are drawn up and the hereditary mass is determined, parts are distributed.
A certificate of inheritance is issued.
An experienced notary draws up documents so that public authorities do not have time to claim an inheritance.
Negotiations between heirs, to resolve misunderstandings.
We design a legacy regardless of its location.

The cost of this service is calculated depending on the complexity of the case.

Heritage is issued on:

  • The building
  • Land
  • The apartment
  • Rooms
  • Parking space or garage
  • Транспорт
  • Funds (in bank account, in the form of salary, pension, alimony or in the form of securities).
  • Part of the business
  • Patent Law

If a situation arises in which one of the relatives is well aware of the legal nuances, he may try to handle the legacy in his favor. A qualified Global Deal Law lawyer will turn the situation on your side. The main thing is to turn in time and have time to complete all procedures. Contact the numbers or get a free consultation online. Hereditary lawyer Kiev.