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Legal assistance in land matters. Land Lawyer Kyiv.

Global Deal Law deals with dozens of cases on a monthly basis related to certain legal situations under the Land Code. The issues that are addressed to us are very different.

Land is probably the most expensive real estate and it is not profitable enough to risk it if you solve legal issues without the help of an experienced lawyer or lawyer. Such professionals work in our company and their experience, especially in the most difficult region of Ukraine – Kyiv and Kyiv region, will help you.

Do you want to get land for free use by the state? For building your own real estate, business or farming, etc. Are you interested in an easement? Or simple in theory but interesting in practice the issue of privatization.

A Global Deal Law professional lawyer will settle your land disputes far better than letting you do it alone. We offer negotiations, it is always much more advantageous for you to resolve the issue with your opponent in the pre-trial settlement, but if this is not possible, then you will be convinced that our lawyer is able to win for you in the land case.

We provide professional legal services

We issue land title documents
We draw up documents for land privatization
We help you claim the right to the land
We help in the event of a call agreement violation land
Solve problems when changing borders or landing purpose
Eliminate obstacles that may occur when using the earth
We resolve situations legally and help you recover damages to land owners
Troubleshoot if there is a violation under the terms of the land easement
Advise and legally resolve neighborhood violations when sharing or adjacent parcels of land

Drafting of legal documents

We appeal against charges (administrative and criminal)
About Privilege Orders
Concerning compensation for material or non-pecuniary damage, which caused to the person
Statements, motions, objections, claims, clarifications and more other documents
We are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
We make statements and complaints to the European Court of Justice and other institutions, concerning the judiciary
We advise and resolve your issue

How we work

We handle legal entities, whether legal or non-residents.
We protect your rights and interests not only in Ukraine and EU and beyond.
We speak any language that is convenient to you.

How to start using our services?

The very first step is getting us a verbal or written consultation, with a detailed algorithm of actions.
In it, we explain the situation in terms of law and law .
We fix the price for our services and our obligations in contract.
After this step, you are already protected by a professional lawyer or lawyer Global Deal Law.

Land Dealer Kyiv Global Deal Law guarantees you that our partners lawyers and legal partners are real experts in protecting your legal rights regarding land issues.

We are familiar with almost all the “pitfalls” of the Ukrainian judiciary regarding the qualifications of the transaction. Both with those before the Commercial Court and with those subordinate to the Administrative Courts.

warned means armed

The sooner you contact the law expert, the more benefits you will get when the case is completed.

Fast task completion

We do not delay the solution of your questions, but as effectively as possible and in the shortest possible time we bring to the desired result.

Personal approach

We focus on each client and are personally responsible for the quality of the services provided

Providing comprehensive protection

We will resolve any legal issues you may have. The cost of services is discussed in advance and we will fix it in the contract.

Speed & Awareness

Land Lawyer Kyiv. Unfortunately, although all laws, codes, and codes relating to land are in the public domain, more than 85% of the population have not legally dealt with these issues in a judicial or statutory manner and on their own, without information from a lawyer or lawyer, is very difficult and risky protect their interests.

Our land attorneys will make every effort to resolve the dispute to your advantage.

We offer:

Resolving problems that arise when using the land when the rights of the tenant or land owner are violated;
We help to protect and restore our right to use the land, in case of unlawful taking of your property by another person;
We are engaged in the affairs of recognition of land transactions invalid;
We provide you with legal assistance in recognizing land use rights on an ongoing basis;
We will help to establish the order of use of the land plot;
We resolve the issue of land division;
If state or municipal institutions have seized your property for your own use;
We help to file appeals against actions of state bodies on any issues related to land plots;
We resolve land disputes professionally and maximally for you.