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A professional land lawyer Kiev will be able to protect your rights and finances even at the pre-trial stage.

Brief recommendations.

Land Lawyer. 7 steps FOR registration of a land plot:

Step №1Get permission.

To obtain the appropriate permission to develop a project for the allotment of a land plot, it is necessary to apply to local authorities.

Step №2What needs to be attached to the application.

The following shall be attached to the application: a copy of the passport, a copy of the identification code and extracting from the master plan of the locality or a detailed plan of the territory (since 2013 this is not necessary).

Step №3To make and coordinate a land plot project.

After obtaining permission to manufacture the project, the next step is to contact the land organizations, where there are certified engineers, to develop and organize the approval of the project.

Step №4Register the land in the State Land Cadastre.

You submit all the prepared documents to the State Land Cadastre, then register the ownership of the land in the registration service.

Step №5To approve the project of the land plot.

At the local council, within 14 days after receiving the agreed project, you need to get a decision on the approval of the project.

Step №6Register ownership of the land in the registration service

At the location of the land plot, you contact the registration service and provide the following package of documents: (copy of the passport, copy of the identification code, receipt of payment for registration services, the original decision of the local council on the approval of the land management project, the original extract from the cadastre on registration of the land plot).

Step №7If at any stage you have any difficulties with government agencies?

Call our lawyer for detailed advice and positioning. We have vast experience in interaction and practice in obtaining land plots.

Prices for a land lawyer

from 100 $

A detailed self-defense plan for a minimum price

50 $

Our lawyers also provide legal assistance under the following articles of the land code:

Article 118. The procedure for free privatization of land by citizens.

The decision of the executive authorities and local authorities on the privatization of land is taken within a month on the basis of technical materials and documents confirming the size of the land.

Article 121. Norms for the free transfer of land to citizens.

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to free transfer to them of land from state or communal property.

Art. 50 Land Management Act

We legitimize the squatter.

Our customer reviews

  • It seems to me, if at least once in your life you have encountered the land issue, especially in Kiev or in the Kiev region, you know how difficult it is. Without going into details, I just want to say that for 2 years I could not obtain documents for obtaining land. Once again, I decided to turn to lawyers for help and accidentally found Global Deal Law on the Internet. My lawyer was Georgy Menshikov, after working with him I understand that he is 100% competent. All that I could not achieve in 2 years, George literally in 2 months received all the necessary documents.
    Feel free and 100% recommend this specialist

  • Lawyers are professionals. I was very pleased with the work with them

  • I found out that there is a program that allows you to get land for free from the state. I decided to try my luck, called the lawyers, consulted with them, and realized that I have every chance. I did not wait for a long time, I immediately came to their office, where we discussed all issues and began the process of obtaining a land plot. And now, for a couple of months now, I have my own land near Kiev, where I am actively engaged in farming. Thanks to Georgy Alexandrovich for his professionalism.

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Lawyer for land disputes Kiev and lawyers of the company Global Deal Law are experts in the field of Land Law of Ukraine. We won 5 precedent cases, analogues of which were not yet in the judicial practice of Ukraine.

We can get the desired result for you in a short time and at a reasonable price.