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Global Deal Law lawyers provide professional assistance to military personnel in resolving legal situations.

Ukrainian martial law is a sectoral law that is responsible for relations in the field of military service by the citizens of Ukraine and regulates all issues in the field of martial law, especially when there is an armed conflict in our country.

The military rights of the military are constantly and regularly violated, and the professional lawyers of Global Deal Law will advise and help you as most of them prevent or avoid real problems.

We will also help solve complex issues such as exemptions. Especially when the Law on the Military Service Enlistment grants the right of deferral and the staff of the military registration and enlistment offices violate your rights and make illegal decisions about your fate.

  • We assist in dismissal from conscription according to the Laws of Ukraine
  • We assist in solving the organizational activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • We assist military retirees
  • We provide assistance to the defenders of Ukraine - participants of the ATO and the OSS area
  • We provide assistance to military personnel on social issues
  • We legally assist military personnel in the matter of housing for the Armed Forces

Global Deal Law Lawyers will help you solve the complex issues of martial law

Our team knows all the nuances to get you professional help. Our lawyer will listen, hear all the points of the case and provide you with a comprehensive individual procedure for the protection of your interests.

Our military lawyer will explain all the cases when the mobilized are not allowed to write to the Armed Forces and help to choose the right path. Cases such as: health status, higher education or postgraduate study, presence of three or more children, pregnancy of a wife, work as a priest, disability, residence in occupied territory.

Our team has extensive experience in legal mobilization issues, dismissal, termination, and more. Contact the numbers or get a free consultation online.

Anxiety in the East and constant waves of mobilization, a large number of illegal orders, the issue of the validity of orders under the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces

  • Prompt legal assistance in resolving the issue of emergency housing, the right to benefits and more.Lack of combatant status.
  • There is a certain procedure for requesting documents from the Commissariat and collecting documentation for further procedure for obtaining help.Certificate of participation in ATO.
  • Obtaining compensation from the state for the protection of its independence.Payment of monetary compensation to ATO participants.
  • Writing a lawsuit in the most violent cases of violation of laws. Dismissal, non-leave of absence, stay on the front lines for more than a year and more.Violation of the rights of the soldier
  • When officials delay the process or demand a bribe from a serviceman.Land acquisition.
  • In case of refusal to provide the correct documents.Filing complaints against commander, chief of staff.
  • Blurred formulations that complicate the process of obtaining benefits or withholding compensationIncorrect completion of the fighters' treatment certificate.
  • Failure to save workplaces and wages.Dismissal during service.