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Melnyk Mykola

Митний брокер

Мельник Микола Володимирович – партнер юридичної компанії Global Deal Law Company, митний брокер.
Митний брокер із відповідною ліцензією на здійснення брокерських послуг. Юрист в сфері митного права. Має багаторічних досвід в здійсненні митних операцій із оформлення вантажу та товарів при експорті та імпорті. Фахівець в сфері розмитнення іноземних товарів із подальшою сертифікацією цих товарів на території України.

Лащонов Владислав Олегович

Vladyslav Lashchonov

Media and development

Lawyer on microfinance loans and counteraction to collectors. Internet blogger with many years of experience in creating businesses on the Internet. Specialist in the field of Web programming, marketing and adaptation of Internet sources to meet the requirements of the modern world. Founder of several popular online sources. He is the author of the legal blog for Global Deal Law Company.

Лінник Євген Анатолійович

Linnik Yevhen


Lawyer with experience in real estate and land law. Protects the rights of individuals when buying and selling real estate. Specialist in military law. Actively protects the interests of the Ukrainian population.

Storoshchuk Olga

Partner Lawyer, PhD

Specialist in corporate, contract and business law. Has real experience working with public and private entities – clients of Global Deal Law Company. The present case law in the protection of interests and economy of enterprises. Author of scientific works aimed at education and development of Ukrainian youth in the field of law.

Ігнатенко Всеволод Владиславович

Ignatenko Vsevolod

Lawyer, PhD

A lawyer with extensive experience in criminal, administrative and military law. He has experience in law enforcement in Ukraine. Contributed to the closure of dozens of criminal cases at various stages. He is the author of many educational and scientific works in the field of law published for the education and development of students.

Меньшиков Георгій Олександрович

Menshikov George. Lawyer Kiev.


Entrepreneur and lawyer with experience in land law. He has extensive experience working with foreign partners of the company in Ukraine and abroad. Repeated participant in international investment projects.

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