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The point is

In mid-2019, a Greek citizen was approached by a Greek law firm with an unusual problem. The fact is that on the territory of Greece he married a citizen of Ukraine, whom he was able to truly love. Lawyer for foreigners Kiev.
Accusation- polygamy fraud;

However, after almost a year of their relationship, the Greek became aware of the presence of two more of her husbands who had legally married her. These were citizens of Ukraine and Russia, none of whom knew about the other relations of his wife. The client was smashed and crushed. He understood – he was bred for money.

During the period of their “love” he gave her a car, an apartment and many other expensive gifts, which she immediately sold or passed on to others. The total value of the property donated to his wife is € 110,000.

Unfortunately, the legislator of Ukraine in no way defines responsibility for polygamy, much less for voluntary gifts.

The goal is to return the maximum amount of money.


1. The lawyers of GD Law Company have analyzed the Greek law and established a strong position in the case.

The goal is to return the maximum amount of money. Thus, the current Greek law provides for criminal liability for polygamy in the form of imprisonment for a term up to 5 years. Polygamy fraud – 6 years in prison. According to the rules of Greek judiciary – 11 years imprisonment.

2. The partners of our law firm have signed a cooperation agreement with their Greek colleagues, a law firm.

Working together with Europeans, we have been able to gather all the legitimate proofs of marriage and client purchases of property in Ukraine that meet the requirements of Greek law.

3. Criminal proceedings were subsequently opened in Greece.

The pseudoscience was notified in absentia of suspicion and wanted. Fortunately for us, the said wife decided to rest on the island of Crete, where she was detained and then transferred to the Greek law enforcement agencies.


Lawyer for foreigners Kiev. Unfortunately, today the amount of money has not been returned in full, but almost half is. The client is pleased with the carrion. The pseudo-wife was released to Ukraine with a 10-year ban on entry into some EU countries. The marriage is annulled.

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