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The point is. Land Law Attorney Kiev.

GD Law Company's litigation is one of the most complicated land law matters, the case of the Kyiv City Council's obligation to transfer privately owned land in the city center.
AccusationThe Kyiv City Council violates the requirements of current legislation and court decisions

Almost 22 years ago, on the basis of a contract of sale between the State Property Fund of Ukraine and an individual, the whole-property complex (dwellings, land and adjoining territories) was sold into private property. Under the terms of this agreement, the Kyiv City Council undertook to transfer to the private property the land plots belonging to this complex and being a direct part of it. As of 2019, the terms of the agreement have not been fulfilled only by the Kyiv City Council, which grossly violates the requirements of the current legislation and court decisions.

In 2013, our future clients filed a lawsuit. The trial lasted 6 years. Land Law Attorney Kiev.


1. From 2016, the case is under the care and guidance of partners of Global Deal Law Company, who confidently went all the way from the trial court to the Supreme Court with no loss.

Therefore, it is right to emphasize that in this case there are three parallel trials, which almost simultaneously go to higher courts with the victory of our partners.

2. In 2019, therefore, enforcement proceedings were opened to comply with the Supreme Court's rulings. The court took steps to change the order of execution of the court decision.

Criminal proceedings for failure to comply with a court decision are opened. Persons who contributed to the non-enforcement of the court decision were discharged from the public service.

3. Journalists involved for the publicity and transparency of the case. Addresses were made to the President of Ukraine and the Ombudsman for intervention in the situation.

The bodies of the National Police of Ukraine conducted a disciplinary check of the above-mentioned patrol police officers. Those guilty of wrongdoing were punished.


Land Law Attorney Kiev.

After three years of daring struggle with the collegial bodies of local self-government, the capital of Ukraine is a victory that sets a precedent for the privatization of land plots throughout Ukraine. And we did it for our customers with pleasure.

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