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Business case lawyer. Global Deal Law Company represents and protects the rights and interests of other companies in Ukraine and abroad. Last year, a client - the owner of a professional laundry service company - turned to the company. As a result, he was contracted to provide services with a government agency. According to lawyers of our company, there was a regular conflict between the business owners, which continued for almost a year.
The subject of the dispute- a fictitious claim by our opponent against our client for a total cost of almost one million hryvnias.

Therefore, a government agency (CS) sent a claim to our client for a total cost of almost one million hryvnias. Evidence of the existence of this debt is the documents that were prepared by the administration of the State Administration in his office. The trial has begun.


1. The Commercial Court of First Instance.

The position of the court: Having studied the case file and examining the evidence pertinent to the case, it favored a government agency. Having made the assumption of the rules of substantive and procedural law made the appropriate decision to satisfy the plaintiff’s claim. Unfortunately, the position of the Commercial Court of First Instance did not coincide with the position of the partners of our company. An appeal was filed.

2. Appeal decision.

Unfortunately, the position of the Economic Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the court of first instance and contributed to the replenishment of the state budget by illegally seized funds of a private enterprise. This gave us additional strength to win the Supreme Court.

3. Victory of a GD Law client in the Supreme Court.

The situation was complicated and depended only on the correct actions of lawyers. The unbroken legal position of the partners of GD Law Company and the confidence in the inadmissibility of the evidence produced by themselves led to the consideration of the case by professional judges of the Supreme Court.


Having examined the position of GD Law’s lawyers, the court concluded that it ruled in favor of our party. The business was won, and the owner of the laundry company saved the money and built a new shop and managed to expand the company several times.

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