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Analysis and verification of documents when buying a property

Drawing up all necessary contracts and documents

Representation in the courts

Registration of ownership of housing

Representation in negotiations and all public authorities

Real estate seizure

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The best Global Deal Law lawyers will do everything to ensure that your property belongs only to you!

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Protect yourself

In almost 100% of cases, there is a risk of concluding a transaction that turns out to be fictitious and the property that you acquired will not belong to you. In order to conduct a safe transaction, it is best to invite a lawyer to help, who will carefully study all the documents and clarify all the details of the contract that are of interest.

In what cases may there be risks when concluding a transaction:

  1. The property you want to purchase may be under arrest
  2. When acquiring real estate, it may have several owners
  3. There are times when people can be registered in the house / apartment who are not legally entitled to write out, even if the apartment already belongs to another owner

Our customer reviews

  • I bought an apartment, according to the documents everything was in order. After completing the transaction, it turned out that the apartment has been under arrest for several years and it already has more than 3 owners. How I could get into such a situation, I still do not understand. It is good that George and Eugene helped me in solving this situation and after numerous courts they were able to remove the arrest from the apartment and prove that it was in my possession.

  • When I bought an apartment, I thought I needed a lawyer or not. It’s good that I decided to play it safe and called these guys to accompany my deal. As it turned out, the woman was selling the apartment (she was the sole owner) BUT, the lawyers found out. that she has a husband, (a sailor) who is missing, and if he returns, he has full rights to part of the apartment. This is of course a terrible situation, but why no one warned? and if it weren’t for Eugene with George, I could have got into a very unpleasant situation.

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Every day we come across real estate issues (buying, renting, making a deal, etc.) how to act in a given situation. We cannot say that we always have a quick answer to this question. but we can always say that in the shortest possible time we will ALWAYS find the correct answer.

You can trust us with your safety!


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