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Our Clients' Responses to Legal Services Kyiv
When your work benefits. Photos have been modified for privacy purposes.
  • I am very glad that this company was advised to me. Two real professionals were engaged in my business !! You saved my reputation and it turned out even better for the money than I expected. And even before that, they helped me in the Global Deal Law with an accident. Two appeals, two cases won, with minimal participation on my part. It’s very nice!

    Vasily Vladimirovich
  • Thanks to George Alexandrovich and Vsevolod Vladislavovich for a good faith attitude and victory for me in this matter. I don’t even know how it would be with other lawyers, but seeing how she protects my interests at all court hearings, and how she interacts with the police and the administration, I was very glad that I applied to Global Deal Law. Thanks and recommend!

    Evgenia Anatolyevna
    Self employed
  • The real estate business is complex and interesting. Sometimes it is impossible to completely protect yourself from cheating when buying or repairing. I have been cooperating with Grigory and Vsevolod for 3 years now, and now with Global Deal Law. They started to protect only the purchased apartment from the bank, then they sued the construction company in another matter. We won. Now, before each investment, I consult with them about checking the “purity” of the seller and real estate.

    Dmitry Ivanovich
  • Oh, how I was tormented with finding good lawyers, and how happy I was when I found these guys. I got into an accident where during the trial I pleaded guilty, although this was not true. After I lost the trial court, I decided to go to the court of appeal to prove my case, but I did not know that there was only 10 days to appeal the decision. I turned to Vsevolod on the last day of the appeal and thanks to him, he worked quickly and my application was already sent to the court in the evening, and as a result my case was won.

  • It seems to me the first time I came across guys who explain everything so transparently and in stages. I did not want to pay the lawyers to conduct my case, because there is nothing serious. I saw on the site that this company provides a step-by-step self-defense service and decided it wasn’t. They explained to me on the shelves all the positions, gave detailed instructions, I wondered directly if I should become a lawyer too. In general, of course, it is better that in life there are no situations in which you would have to turn to lawyers for help, but if this happens, I can safely recommend this company

  • I got into one very unpleasant situation, I understood that there wasn’t much of my guilt, but they wrote a statement to the police. I saw the guys on the site self-defense service and decided that here is my salvation, because I objectively understand that I do not need the help of a lawyer, but I don’t know what to do either. They gave me a very detailed plan for my actions and after a while, my question was resolved without problems

  • Very high quality, fast and professional. I was not much shocked by why such a small price is indicated by lawyers on the site, I thought how you can get high-quality services for such money. It turns out you can. The guys are really professionals

  • I did not even know that my question could be resolved so quickly. Many lawyers said that my case will take at least a year and that will cost me a pretty penny. Purely by chance, following the recommendations of acquaintances, I found a self-defense service, contacted lawyers, on the same day I received detailed steps and instructions on how to speed up my question and tadam, after half a year the decision was in my hands.

  • Thank you very much Vsevolod for his professionalism. By mistake, my brother was nearly sent to prison and thanks to the fact that we found Vsevolod on time, he examined all the documents as quickly as possible and ensured that his brother was released on bail instead of prison, and then won the whole process by proving his innocence

  • Only thanks to the Global Deal Law attorneys I was free, and the real criminal is now in prison. I think that says it all.

  • The situation turned out that I bought a car in one person in euro numbers. He took money from me and disappeared. We did not draw up a contract, and in fact I could not prove anything. When I called the lawyers, they said that there was every chance of getting my money back. And I don’t know how, but after 8 months, the guys got what they proved that I really paid him money for a car that I didn’t get, now this man is in jail and we are waiting for further proceedings

  • It seems to me, if at least once in your life you have encountered the land issue, especially in Kiev or in the Kiev region, you know how difficult it is. Without going into details, I just want to say that for 2 years I could not obtain documents for obtaining land. Once again, I decided to turn to lawyers for help and accidentally found Global Deal Law on the Internet. My lawyer was Georgy Menshikov, after working with him I understand that he is 100% competent. All that I could not achieve in 2 years, George literally in 2 months received all the necessary documents.
    Feel free and 100% recommend this specialist

  • Lawyers are professionals. I was very pleased with the work with them

  • I found out that there is a program that allows you to get land for free from the state. I decided to try my luck, called the lawyers, consulted with them, and realized that I have every chance. I did not wait for a long time, I immediately came to their office, where we discussed all issues and began the process of obtaining a land plot. And now, for a couple of months now, I have my own land near Kiev, where I am actively engaged in farming. Thanks to Georgy Alexandrovich for his professionalism.

  • I already thought that the collectors would take everything from me. The most interesting thing is that the percentage of debt ran just unrealistic. I don’t even know where they got such amounts. It’s good that the lawyers laid out all the pop shelves for me, how can I protect myself without paying all that I have

  • The self-defense feature is something incredible. When you understand that it is not possible to pay lawyers for full legal support. But somehow you need to resolve the issue, the best thing can be to use this service, and it costs only 1000 UAH.

  • I was already on the verge of endless calls from collectors and their threats. In another attempt to find solutions, I learned about Global Deal Law attorneys who help resolve this issue. The main thing I can say is not to succumb to these threats and always, carefully listen to your lawyers. Thank you very much George not only for legal assistance, but also for psychological

  • Thanks to the lawyers for helping to get out of this microfinance situation. At one point, I did not know where to go from these debts (what did I take 1000 UAH, but they demand 9000 UAH from me). George very competently and thoroughly explained how to act in this situation, and that in fact I should return to the bank the microloan that I took, and not the amount that they require from me.

  • You know, the help of lawyers is not always expressed only in the legal sphere, but very often their psychological support is important. It was the complex legal and psychological that Les gave me, for which I am very grateful to her. Well and a huge plus to everything, we won my position in court

  • When I divorced my husband, I thought that I wouldn’t get anything from the property because he is a very influential person and he has strong lawyers. I turned to this company with the hope that maybe I would be lucky anyway? and yes, you know, the guys worked so professionally. that I received my rightful half of property

  • Very competent guys. Highly recommend.

  • Thanks to the guys, they quickly and efficiently helped with the opening of TOV. If you do not want to delay doing everything quickly and efficiently, I recommend that you contact this company

  • There were very difficult legal problems in my case, my lawyer did not know how to solve this situation. I had to turn to Global Deal for help. As a result, I now work with them on outsourcing, and their remuneration for me is cheaper than paying a full-time lawyer.